Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 5 Basic Responses

These five basic responses should serve any military person well throughout their career when answering to superiors. I think politicians could learn something by sticking to this. Why is it that every question you hear asked on just about any news channel to just about every government official has a long drawn out explanation? I tell all those under my command and try myself to stick to the basics:
1. "Yes, Sir/Ma'am"
2. "No, Sir/Ma'am"
3. "No excuse, Sir/Ma'am"
4. "I'll find out, Sir/Ma'am"
5. "Aye Aye, Sir/Ma'am"
Next time your watching Fox News, CNN or any other broadcast ask yourself why the person interviewed couldn't have just answered the question with one of the basic responses noted above. The traditional answers exemplify the frame of mind required of a naval officer; positive, concise and recognition of an acceptance of responsibility.

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