Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nuclear and CEC Screen

For the most part if a potential candidate has taken up to Calc III and Physics II we can initially say they qualify for the Nuclear and Civil Engineering Programs.  "C" or below on the transcripts may cause issues but may be able to be worked through with a waiver if too low.

Genoff Process

--Below is the basic process that I cut and paste into an email for any general officer program applicant.  I try to get as much information knocked out the first time we meet.  The only real deviations to this would be NUKE and CEC officers who don't have to take the ASTB.  Other than that I just look for height and weight standards, Police Record, Drug Abuse and if a potential applicant can swim.  --

Bring with you your social sec card and birth certificate.  Also, have contact info of character and work references that we can submit.  I need to have at a minimum 3 (I suggest 5) references including ALL EMPLOYERS FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS.  You need to order official copies of your transcripts from every school you have ever attended.  You can have them sent to me at the address below.

Respond back with your social security number and middle name and I will get you a NASIS (at bottom) account to start working on before you come in.  Complete the APSR (attached) send to me electronically before we meet as well.

Here are some websites to start studying for the ASTB.  I also recommend you go to or Border’s and get a Barron's ASTB Study Guide book which is a great way to study for the test.

ASTB Websites:
1) (numerous links to test preparation sites/programs)

4) (Although it is a marine website, this page offers 5 good examples of questions similar to those on the ASTB)


Updates on the Board Schedules

Looks like we are not getting much movement on the AC Genoff (Active Component General Officer) programs.  Right now the only thing we are seeing much opportunity is for the Reserve CEC, AC Nuclear Programs (Instructor, Reactor, Subs or SWO and Student)  Other than that the Chaplain Corps is still open.  Any Reserve Program can still be worked. 

Just to be clear we can still process all AC packages but we may not be able to submit to board until we have openings.  When more guidance comes out I will make sure and update you.

CH-53; CH-46 on Kearsarge Deck