Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chaplain Reserve and Active Component Instructions

This was an email I sent to a recent applicant who was a Chaplain student and is now superseding into the reserve component.  I don't have the documents that I mention in this point letter attached but it gives you an idea of the items needed to get a person, and more to the point a Chaplain, moving in the process.  Of course as with all Navy action there are other misc documents and copies that are needed but this is the bulk of it...

1.  Please complete the attached Application Processing and Summary record (attached).  Initial block 6, below block 8 and sign block 18.  Please scan and email/fax to me.  Send the electronic copy via email as well so I can make adjustments to page 1 if needed but we will still have your signature and initials on original pages done.

2.  Please send me an updated resume that I can get to the Regional Chaplain for his review prior to your interview.  I also need a copy of that resume with your signed and dated (scan and email or fax to me). The second resume is for your scroll documents.  This will go up with your APSR (attached) to the Sec of Navy. 

3.  Please send me a word document with contact information (email and postal addresses along with names and phone numbers)  You will be required to have employment references for every employer from the last three years.  You will also be required to have 3 character references and 3 peer references (peers need to be of same denomination).  ******For reference purposes, we need to have a minimum combined total of 6 refs of whatever combination******

4.  Please have your most recent transcripts (from every school you have attended) sent to the office address below. 

5.  If you have already done a Security Investigation Questionnaire, we will need to update.  If not, I can get you an account.  Please send me your SSN and first middle and last name for this.

6.  Please have the attached Ecclesiastical Endorsement completed and returned. 

I will meet you before your interview or sometime convenient this week or next to get the miscellaneous documents signed ie, birth certificate, social security card, disclosure of ssn, documentation of request for ecclesiastical endorsement et al.  Let me know what date/ time work for you.

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