Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Community Closings

As many have heard there has been some direction pushed down from CNRC.  We have shut down all programs on the GenOff side...exceptions

AC (active component):   Nuke, Chaplain, Jag
RC (reserve component): CEC, AMDO, Chaplain, EDO

No official word as to the status on current or pending applications that have already been sent to board.  As I hear things I will post.  Most likely they will "table" apps that have already gone out which basically send them back to the NRD and we will have to sit on them until OCS/ ODS spots open up in the future.  Fiscal Year 2012 is already full so that would mean new shippers would not go until July 8, 2012 which would be the first graduating class of FY 2013.

Alot to process but feel free to post comments or questions and if you have news that may be useful go ahead and post that as well.

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